Stowarzyszenie Księgowych
w Polsce jest
od 1989 r. członkiem
Międzynarodowej Federacji
Księgowych (IFAC)
IFAC International Federation
of Accountants (IFAC)

Submission of articles

Dear Authors of articles submitted for publication in ZTR

We kindly inform you about a new mode of submitting articles to be published in "Zeszyty Teoretyczne Rachunkowości", as a result of obtaining access to the Publisher Panel Professional in the Index Copernicus International system.

Articles to be published in ZTR are sent via ZTR website in the Index Copernicus system at http://www.ztr.skwp.pl. Having accessed the website, please go to the Authors Pathway section and open the ‘Submit/Send manuscript' link.

A. If you submit an article via http://www.ztr.skwp.pl website for the first time, you will be asked to create a user's account. Having the user's account (login and password) is necessary to submit articles and manage your account.

B. If you already have your user's account on http://www.ztr.skwp.pl,  in order to submit an article you need to log in to your account with valid login and password.

C. Next, please fill in the required fields displayed on the website until your article submission is complete.

Stages of preparing your article for publication are coordinated by the Index Copernicus panel. Having logged in to your account, you will be able to manage the status of your article on an ongoing basis.

In case of any problems or questions regarding the articles submission or your user's account, please submit your inquiries at: ztr@skwp.pl.

With kind regards

ZTR Editorial Team


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